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Ms Canada World Universal

Yoleen Naidoo

CWUNE (2020-2021)
Elite Delegate #1

Yoleen Naidoo was born in Westville, Durban South Africa and moved to Edmonton, Canada in 2003.  She is a mentor, a leader, a humanitarian, a mum, and soon to be author.  She continuous to build, influence, and make a difference in the community world both locally and internationally. She has grown up to believe that our generation is the bridge to the next generation. Her love for God and her family has inspired her to be an overcomer and reach new heights.  She will continue to build, inspire and empower all families, woman and youths and to reach for their dreams through her community organisation called Coffee of Encouragement.   

She is fearless, ambitious, resilient, loves travelling, reading and will look for every opportunity to make this world a better place by filling in the gaps. She is certified as a social psychologist, positive psychiatry and mental health coach, International leadership and organizational behaviourist and graphic designer.  She has received a Community Participation award and the RBC Bronze award in 2018.

She started her pageantry in 1993.  She won the title and has not looked back since. To her the world of pageantry represents a woman in leadership and is a platform for her to use her powerful voice to empower all woman and children to rise to be strong leaders in their communities through education.She will continue to advocate for family empowerment, gender equality while advocating against gender violence should she take home the crown.

Yoleen Naidoo - Canada World Universal Event