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Ms Canada World Universal

Yasmin Kordi

Ms. Delegate #10
CWUNE (2021-2022)


Yasmin Kordi was born and raised in Gatineau, Québec. Originally from Morocco, her parents decided to leave their whole lives behind to seek a better life in Canada. As full-time bilingual employee of the Federal government of Canada, she is a senior human resources assistant. Over the years, she was able to develop her confidence and started seeing her differences as a strength.  
Yasmin has always been passionate about traveling and experiencing different cultures, nationalities, and ethnicities. This led to her receiving a position as a flight attendant in Dubai. She did not hesitate to move to Dubai in order to pursue her career with one of the world’s largest airlines, Emirates Airlines. Then, after 5 years of this wonderful experience, she has returned to her hometown with all the knowledge and experience she has acquired. In addition to being grateful for this opportunity, she takes it as a chance to share her passion and story with the world, and most importantly, to be a role model for the next generation.

She began volunteering in the food industry at 15 and volunteered as a sous-chef for her aunt’s restaurant Yayora Express, and her father’s restaurant Bistro Safran while attending high school.  The opportunity to be a finalist for Ms. Canada World Universal 2021-2022
means fulfilling a childhood dream and allowing her to share her story and passion to inspire other women not to give up on themselves and to help them grow. 

Yasmin Kordi - Canada World Universal Event