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Ms Canada World Universal

Volunteer Program

Ms. Canada World Universal is a partner of Lea International Foundation (LIF), non-profit organization charity, based in Gatineau (QC), focuses on programs dedicated to leadership, development/empowerment and the advancement of girls and women.

The mission of Lea International Foundation (LIF) is to promote the development of the most vulnerable and resource-limited young girls and women while strengthening their socio-economic and political power through equitable access to essential education and psychosocial support services.

The LIF focuses on prevention through its educational and healthcare programs. The profits from our public voting will be donated to L.I.F.

Online Voting

People can vote for the delegate of their choices.      (1 Vote 5 CAD) 

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Lea International Foundation (LIF)

Volunteer Program - Canada World Universal Event