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Ms Canada World Universal

Vimi Pochun

Elite. Delegate #1
CWUNE (2021-2022)

Vimi Pochun was born in the beautiful Mauritius Island, but was raised in Calgary, Alberta. She completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Alberta. She is a true “cowgirl” at heart but also became a city girl when she moved to the exciting city of Toronto!

With the love of God and support from her family, Vimi is constantly inspired to be the best version of herself, simply because opportunities are often lost in a blink of an eye…so why
not make every day an opportunity to make a difference? 

Along with her full-time job, she is also the owner of a small local business, specializing in curated and customizable luxury gift boxes. Follow her journey as an entrepreneur @blacklittlebox.to or @vimi_pochun

Vimi is extremely passionate about helping others. She sponsored two boys in South America, made sandwiches for shelters, volunteered at CAMH at their annual summer BBQ, and volunteered as an MC at the Evergreen Growth Foundation, raising money to support Rouge Valley Health System during the 2015 PanAm Games.

Vimi strongly believes that we have the power to empower others by offering acts of kindness. Her motto is to pay attention to the people around us and what we can do to enlighten their lives and make life a bit better for everyone. 

Vimi is grateful for the opportunity to be a finalist for Miss Canada World Universal 2022. She is committed to using their platform to reach out to vulnerable communities and help organizations bring change in society and help people who are less fortunate.

Vimi Pochun - Canada World Universal Event