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Ms Canada World Universal

– To Qualify –

Who can participate as a Delegate in Canada World Universal National Event (CWUNE)?

  • All women, or those who identify as women*, aged 25 or over. There is no upper age limit.
  • Your marital or parental status is not a factor used to determine eligibility. We do not separate married women into a different category. Everyone women is considered a “Ms.”
  • Your dress size, height, ethnicity or any physical limitations are not a factor used to determine participation. *(government issued ID aligns to female)
  • You may have been born in, lived in, owned property in, worked in or spent time in Canada. 

–  Entry Fees –

For Miss Category:  Total Entry Fees: 1000$ + tax (HST 13%)** = 1130$ CAD

Entry Fees include:

  • Official Local City Sash (Finalist);
  • Official Local Crown;
  • Official Canada World Universal Rhinestone T-Shirt (2);
  • Information Book (1);
  • Gifts from sponsors;
  • Full page program book advertisement (1);
  • Program book (1);
  • Organized photo shoot/Activities & commute for group activities;
  • Group coaching sessions in Leadership, Communication, and Personal
  • But DOES NOT COVER your Airfare & Lodging.

Entry Fees and deposits are non-transferable and non-refundable.

For each delegate you refer that enters and pays her entry fees in full you will receive $100 off your entry fees.

Bonus! If you refer 4 delegates and they pay their entry fees in full, you will ENTER FOR FREE! If this is the case, the delegate must clarify who referred her.

– Special Event –

All delegates will compete in Interview, Fitness wear, Evening gown and Onstage Question

  • Interview  (40%)
  • Fitness Wear  (25%) 
  • Evening Gown (35%)
  • Onstage Question ( Up to 10 points)

Interview (40%)


The interview will be done in front panel of judges. Delegates can wear any business appropriate dress, jumpsuit, or pant suit. There can be some rhinestones or other embellishments, but it should not be a cocktail dress or considered to be “club wear”.  

Remember you are interviewing for a glamorous job. You will not be asked political or religious questions.


Fitness Wear (25%)


Each delegate can wear the work-out wear of their choice. It can be leggings, shorts, skirts, tank top, sports top, etc. It can be one piece or two. 

No swimsuits are allowed. Fitness wear must be solid colors only, no patterns. There can be no rhinestones or studs or other embellishments. 

Tennis shoes must be worn (no high heel tennis shoes). It should be work-out wear, not a costume. Most important is to find something that makes you feel confident in your own skin.

Evening Gown (35%)

Delegates should select a gown that looks great on her and represents her personal style. The gown must be full length. 

Onstage Question for Finalists
(Up to 10 Points) 

It is extremely important that our titleholders are well spoken. Finalists will be asked a question on stage with 60 seconds to answer. The judges will give a maximum score of 10 points. 

To Qualify - Canada World Universal Event