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Ms Canada World Universal

Sarah Y. Kharbouch

Ms. Delegate #11
CWUNE (2021-2022)

Sarah Yedri Kharbouch, 25 years old, is a mother of a five year old daughter.  Originally from the Outaouais region, she grew up under the tropical sun of the coastal city of Tangier, Morocco, in the South of Spain in North Africa. At the age of 17, she decided to return to the Outaouais region to settle down and complete her post-secondary education. Despite the challenges along the way, her perseverance and faith allowed her to overcome them and achieve her goal, which defines the woman she is today.
Sarah works as a homeless outreach worker; she has also had the pleasure of serving her community by volunteering at the Gatineau police station to distribute donations for refugees and those in need; she also organizes festive events for the homeless.
Outside of work, family is very important to Sarah. She is participating in the Ms. Canada World Universal 2022 pageant, as she wants to be a role model for young girls in her community.

Sarah Y.Kharbouch - Canada World Universal Event