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Personal Development Program

What is Personal Development?

Personal development isn’t something that happens to you – it’s something that you must chose to do for yourself. But once you make that choice, you need to have the right tools to put it into action successfully.

Real Talk Guidance (RTG) Personal Development Program helps delegates build valuable life skills through Total Confidence coaching. As a student of the program, you will gain the knowledge and the strategies, needed to successfully build Total Confidence in order to attain the highest levels of jobs and trainings, as well as securing lucrative side projects that cater to and capitalize on your interests, hobbies and talents.

Life is indeed a continuum along which one must constantly improve both hard and soft skills, and the RTG Personal Development Program is our way of nurturing our delegate’s habit of pro-longed self-betterment.

Once you have fully completed the program, you will receive a valuable document; a CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION OF THE RTG-PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM. 

How to get sponsorship?/How to choose the best platform or social impact initiative by the amazing Personal Development Coach (Alexandre Lescot) 
Guest: Lorelei Higgins (Mrs Canada 2020) 

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