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Ms Canada World Universal

Nashka Jenny Martial

Nashka Jenny Martial

Ms. Delegate #3
CWUNE (2021-2022)


Nashka Jenny Martial studied Biopharmaceutical and Nursing Sciences. She has been practicing nursing since April 2020. Aware of the health issues in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, she decided to pursue graduate studies in nursing in order to develop skills that could help her better cope with social problems. As a nurse she is interested in vulnerable people, but her interest lies greatly in the growing issue of homelessness, particularly where the elderly is involved. She wants to support the fight for social justice by paying special attention to the most disadvantaged people in our society. For the future, Nashka has no limits, but she wishes to focus more on social relations.

Nashka is undeniably a brilliant woman, and in addition to her intellectual strengths, she is a wonderful person. She is the oldest of 8 children and has always been a role model for her siblings. Her friends would say that she has a beautiful soul and that she is a joy to be around. Nashka is always pushing herself to try new things and reach new limits, recently she has taken up dancing by learning Kizomba and Bachata. She loves reading, cooking, traveling and taking care of her wellbeing. Her social relationships are very important to her, as she believes in genuine and sincere connections with other people. She is participating in Ms. Canada World Universal 2022, because she believes that women should be able to express themselves and show that they harbour extraordinary talents.

Nashka Jenny Martial - Canada World Universal Event