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Sahadia Etienne

Personal Development Coach

Sahadia Etienne is a Results-oriented Leader in Communications in the public sector.  She has been recognized as a Trailblazer and continues to yield tangible results in her fields of expertise.

Sahadia is also a high performance and personal development coach, offering coaching and mentoring services to professionals and organisations such as World Universal Productions Canada, The Forum Canada and The Scotiabank Women Initiative® Mentor Program, providing guidance, knowledge and support to women entrepreneurs so they succeed in business.

Her track record and passion for her work led her to the United Nations Office in Geneva providing logistical and media planning services to Canadian Ministers in previous years. But first and foremost, Sahadia is a Christian, Mother of two wonderful young men with BIG dreams, Ivan and Aleksandr Guboglo.

Sahadia is a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Champion and a die-hard soccer mom who thrives to create a knowledge base community for other parents of high performing athletes, wanting to pass along her knowledge and experience.

Sahadia Etienne - Canada World Universal Event