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Ms Canada World Universal

Malissa Veroni

CWUNE (2020-2021)
Ms Delegate #3

Malissa Veroni is a 36-year-old Italian-Canadian; accomplished, passionate, determined, engaged cis woman, living with invisible disabilities and chronic health conditions. Despite these adversities, including physical and mental trauma’s, she has turned her story into a pillar for social justice, advocacy, inclusion, diversity, and equal opportunity for others both locally and abroad.

For the past 15 years Malissa has been a foot solider in the field of social work; mentoring, teaching, and serving students and clients alike. To achieve her goals she obtained an Honours B.A in Social Developmental Students through the University of Waterloo, holds a number of different certificates, and obtained an Honours Masters in Social Work from the University of Windsor.

As a true serving leader and world citizen, Malissa understands the importance of community, prevention, and positive action. She volunteers her time serving on Grande Prairie’s John Howard Society board, the Council of Social Work Education (USA), and had previously served a full term for the Alberta Clinician Professional Practice Council for Alberta Health Services. She has also served as a volunteer consultant for disadvantaged orphanage in Ghana, and local HIV/AIDS programs.

Her hobbies include traveling, music, learning about different cultures and attending cultural events, cooking, comedy, supporting women for empowerment, and playing with her new puppy!

Being a finalist for Ms. Canada World Universal 2020-2021 means representing and empowering women of all abilities, identities, and diversities to advocate against gender violence for all women and promoting equal rights for all thus honouring true Canadian values

Malissa Veroni - Canada World Universal Event