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Ms Canada World Universal

Christelle. L. Dombou

Ms. Delegate #7
CWUNE (2021-2022)

Christelle Laurence Dombou is a researcher and administrative assistant in the health field. Originally from Cameroon, she arrived in Montreal in 2012 with her family and it is in this metropolis that she completed her high school and college studies. 

In 2016, she decided to pursue her studies at the University of Ottawa where she obtained a Master’s degree in Interdisciplinary Health Sciences after conducting research on the mental health of immigrant students in high-income countries.

Since early childhood, she has always felt a desire to make an impact on the world. As a teenager, she became involved and volunteered with several community and university organizations. By participating in this contest, she wishes to promote the multifaceted beauty of women by deconstructing all the preconceived notions about them. For her, a woman is not only her physical appearance and her accessories, but also everything that she gives off on the inside. She is spiritually, emotionally and psychologically rich and has so much to offer the world.

In her daily life, Christelle shares values such as LOVE, AUTHENTICITY, AUTONOMY and JUSTICE. As a visible and linguistic minority woman, Christelle promotes inclusion, which she defines as genuine love and acceptance of others, regardless of socio-cultural
differences.She truly believes that each of us has been delicately molded and that everything that makes us unique is a treasure for a more beautiful world.

Christelle. L. Dombou - Canada World Universal Event