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Communication Skills Advocacy Platform Program

Communication skills is something that is very important in today’s modern society. The ability to convey your thoughts is a very useful skill. When someone enters a beauty pageant their communication skills are given the opportunity to flourish. Delegates have to have face to face auditions and let’s not forget they have to show the ability to articulate educative and cohesive response to a modern issue during the Q and A portion of the pageant. Strengthening communication skills is beneficial in so many ways.

The Communication Skills Advocacy Platform Program will help you with

  • Your interview skills through an assessment of your current skill level, implementing training techniques to bring you to a new level! 
  • It helps you navigate your interests and find creative ways to build an advocacy platform that is sure to impress the judges.
A strong and solid advocacy platform is highly regarded in the world of pageantry, and helps you serve the community in rewarding and impactful ways.  

These tools will serve you well during pageant and media appearances, judges’ interview , onstage question, and beyond pageantry.

Communication Skills Advocacy Platform Program - Canada World Universal Event